September 27, 1998

My Blue Sky screening today didn't amount to much--seven people attended, including some from the festival staff.  But both image and sound quality were impeccable, making this the first HONEYMOON screening not marred by technical problems.  (There were one-minute breaks between reels, but somehow that doesn't bother me so much.)  And a few of the attendees seemed to like the film and talked to me about it afterwards.  So I wasn't unhappy about the experience.

After much prodding, I found out that HONEYMOON did actually screen yesterday at the remote location that I couldn't get to.  No one at that theater kept track of the number of attendees at the screenings, so I'll never know what went on at my world premiere.

Caught the redeye back to NYC in the evening.  Blue Sky already seems like an anxiety dream.

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