September 30, 1998

Tonight was my screening in the Anthology Film Archive's New Filmmakers series, and the crowd was pretty decent--I'd guess that 50 or 60 people were there, not all of them my friends.  The screening was plagued with technical problems (the second reel was tails out and had to be rewound; then the sound died and didn't return for ten minutes or so, necessitating another rewind; there was fairly loud white noise on the speakers throughout the film), but the audience was nice and seemed to stay with the film.  The fun part was that I got to do my first question-and-answer period afterwards, and it went really well--all the questions were intelligent and sympathetic, and there were some film buffs there asking me about the directors who influenced me, which was right up my alley.  Someone even spotted my Rossellini homage!  I loved every minute

Only one buyer called me in the three business days since the film market, and only to ask me for a tape.  (He was on the list of HONEYMOON screening attendees that that IFFM gave me, so it's possible he's interested, but it's also possible that he didn't get a chance to form an opinion amid the crush of market screenings.)  Like most of the mythology of the IFFM, the post-market telephone activity has been underwhelming in my case.

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