7 May 1999: Lost Weekends

I just could not wake up today for my shift at the thrift store.

I was just plain exhausted from work and LGNY and running around.

So I slept from midnight to about 3 pm. I even slept through the phone. E called twice from the store. I was so embarassed I couldn't call him that day to tell him what happened.

Part of the Lost Weekend was Mothers' Day. I went to Long Island to visit the folks. We went to a restaurant around the corner. The woman who has managed (or owned) the place for at least 20 years had to admonish a woman who was letting her 3-year-old son run wild around the place, almost causing her to spill hot coffee on the child. The mother let it happen again, and again the manager had to protest.

Some people just should not be allowed to reproduce. It was good to see the manager unafraid to be non-PC and voice her opinion. Outside, Lynne was smoking and I was watching and again, some parents had their kids running wild, almost doing themselves potential injury.

All I have to say is that at that age, Mom never would have allowed that sort of behaviour, I'll tell you what!

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