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May we present, the obligatory personal junk.

Bode Hall!
I've been calling myself "Bode of Bode Hall" on the Net for long enough that people seem to know me by that name a lot. So, I figured I should open a place called "Bode Hall" just to be fair.

I'm using it right now to showcase some of my non-music writings; poems, stories, stuff like that. Check it out; I'll slowly be transferring a bunch of stuff over there from the paper it's on now.

My Song Lyrics Page
Includes my own songs and Cowboy Junkies stuff.

The Right Bastards
So I used to be in a band, and we recorded an album. Let me know if you want a copy.

I've written some articles out of sheer indignation, because I couldn't find this information anywhere on the Web.

Skyler's Sample .muttrc File
All you UNIX geeks out there who aren't using the Mutt mailreader yet, why must you persist in torturing yourselves? Jump in now! For UNIX geeks who have started using Mutt but lack the masochistic patience necessary to Read The Frigging Manual and work out all the features that make Mutt incredibly cool, I've arranged so you don't have to.

My sample .muttrc file is based on a couple others I've found scattered around the Web, but which were obsolete or poorly documented. This one can be saved, renamed, and used unchanged on Panix shell accounts, and probably most other UNIX boxes. Better yet, each command and config variable is liberally documented so you can read what it does. I add to this whenever I discover a new trick, too...

How to Wire a New Radio into a GM Car
I had a 1985 Oldsmobile, and once replaced the factory AM radio with a tape deck. The wiring is bizarre, and nobody else on the Web had any advice for me. So I'm giving some.

How to Get Your Credit Reports
The privileges of a US citizen require good credit nowadays. I don't appreciate that fact, but I do like the fact that many states require the reporting agencies to give you a free copy of your report. Here's how to find out what the bank sees in you.

And, of course, like every other wanker with a homepage, I have a list of links that everyone needs to visit, right now.

new PNG Web graphics format
Someone's finally provided an alternative to the tired old, proprietary GIF and TIF graphics formats, for better Web graphics! PNG supports true gamma correction for cross-platform sweetness, variable transparency via alpha-channels, and is not subject to tight-fisted copyright lawyers.

Rob Breszny's Free Will Astrology Page! (formerly "Real Astrology")
The most entertaining astrology column ever. Mr. Breszny actually gives good advice, under the guise of astrology. Heh.

The NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day!
Hey, if they can provide us with nifty pictures like this, who's to deny them our tax dollars?

The page to see for information about Tool, my other favorite band. Even if you don't know or like the band, the site is lush and beautiful, and worth visiting at least once on its own merits. The author says it's "called 'the best non-porn site on the net' by more people than you'd expect."
That is all.
this page is my fault. All information is provided without having asked anyone's permission.

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