Five-Point Fudge:
A Character Generation System

Copyright 1999 by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated October 15, 2000 (New version)
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"Five-point Fudge" is a character creation system for Fudge, suitable for beginners.

One of the problems people experience when they first encounter Fudge is that there are so many options, they don't know how to test the game. While this diversity of options is actually one of Fudge's strengths, it can be a bit daunting to a newcomer to the game - even if such a person is experienced in other RPGs.

Hence, Five-point Fudge was written to help people get to know Fudge more easily. Once you've tried it, and if you decide to stick with it, you can then explore other character creation methods.

Five-point Fudge is not yet done in its final form - it assumes, for example, that you understand basic role-playing terms and basic Fudge terms. If not, please read Fudge first - at least the character creation chapter.

Eventually, I hope to make this part of a Beginners' RPG of some sort, but that's many months away at this point ...

Right now, you can read the character creation system of this someday-to-be-published book. It's available in two different formats:

(NEW: uses a new magic system, and is geared towards it. Also updated in lots of little ways.)

At this point, it only exists for the Fantasy genre, but eventually there will be other genres available.

Feedback welcome.

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