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This page last updated August 27, 2008.
PLEASE NOTE: these pages are basically an untended garden.
I haven't updated them in donkey's years, sorry.

My Own Material is still linked, but anything else is hit or miss.

However, in mid-2011, I did make a change to how I run Fudge. To distinguish it from vanilla Fudge, I call it VG Fudge. There's nothing terrible about it!


[Picture of the Grey Ghost Games cover of Fudge - click for larger image]
[To the right is the cover of the Grey Ghost Games Expanded edition. Click on the picture to see a larger image.]

Fudge is a roleplaying game written by Steffan O'Sullivan with help and feedback from many gamers on rec.games.design. It is available free on the internet or in book form from Grey Ghost Games. While Fudge can be used with gamers of any level of experience, it is best run by experienced GMs. It can be downloaded from numerous sites, many of which can be found below. You can read about the history of the development of Fudge in the Designer's Notes if you're interested.

SLUG is a one-page game that is close to what Fudge started out as!

Sherpa is a short game to play while hiking. Similar in feel to Fudge, but class-based, so a character sheet fits on the back of a business card.

Fudge Information Links

Downloading Fudge Itself

Commercial Publishers of Fudge Products

The following publisher have (listed alphabetically) obtained a royalty-free license to publish Fudge products commercially and have product at this time.

Please check their web sites periodically to see if they have any new items!

Other Fudge Materials - My Own

Links to Fudge Sites of Other People

This section is divided into four parts, starting with:

Sites that have a variety of material:

Sites that have a Primary Focus:

Fudge Set in Published Worlds:

No trademark challenge is intended in any of the following sites:

On-going Fudge Campaigns:

Things technically not Fudge but easy to convert

  • Sample Gifts, Faults, Skills (Actually a list of GURPS Ads, Disads, and Skills, but they work great in Fudge)
  • Mikko's POWERGAME (Superheroes - uses a scale system for powers that would work in Fudge)
  • S. John's Hedge Magic (written for GURPS, but very Fudge-like - and I wish I'd thought of it! I did the next best thing, which is "let it influence me" [euphemism for "steal it"] in my Five-Point Fudge character creation system - see above.)
  • S. John's Second Sight Advantages are spelled out more specifically in GURPS terms, but would still translate well to Fudge
  • S. John's Unlimited Mana concept also translates well - Gee, S. John, why don't you just write for Grey Ghost?

Other Fudge-Related Links