Old Fudge ftp Files

From the Berkeley.edu archives
These comments copyright 2002 by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated February 4, 2002

In the olden days, before web pages were around, ftp sites gave access to stored information. While updating the Fudge FAQ, I noticed with amusement it still referred to the ftp site at Berkeley.edu and gave directions how to upload files there! This is truly a thing of the past - a quick look showed me the most recent file there was 1995, so I emailed Shannon Appel, who had so kindly set up and overseen the whole project, and offered to remove that from the FAQ so he could retire from this arduous task. He replied it would probably be for the best, though he hadn't had an upload request in six years or so ...

My thanks to Shannon for all his work to promote the infant Fudge and give it a good home. Even though the hard part has all been in the past, I still appreciate it. It was crucial in those early days.

In order to let Shannon simply delete all those files, I've collected them here. You can read them if you want - some are quite good! Others are obsolete in that they refer to the 1993 or even 1992 version of Fudge. But I'll leave them here as history - I am an historian, after all ...

I'm not going to htmlize anything - they're all either .txt files or even zipped files - read at your own risk. But enjoy!

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