Fudge Grinch

By Carl Perkins (carl@gerg.tamu.edu), with sincere apologies to Theodore Geissel
This page last updated July 25, 1997

This character sheet is the before,
The after comes later (if I decide to do more).

Name: Grinch, Description: furry and uncouth
lacking in wisdom during his youth.

Manners: most Terrible, he treats his dog bad.
Disposition: Poor, on a good day he's mad.

His Faults are many and his Gifts are few
(Except for the ones stolen from Cindy Loo Who).

His Sneakiness is high, even Superb
He can burgle each house in a whole suburb.

Other Skills: has many, all rated Mediocre
Like Sewing Disguises and others baroquer.

His Eyesight is Good and his Hearing is Great
So he can see and hear those Whos that he hates.

His possessions are meager: a dog and a cave
And a few odds and ends he's managed to save.

Too small by a few sizes, his heart seems to be
He's saving his EPs to buy it up a size or three.

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