SOS' Change of Website

These comments copyright 2002 by Steffan O'Sullivan
This page last updated February 7, 2002

After eight years, I'm changing my web pages. This is hard to do, as google turns up a few thousand hits quoting my site. (Sigh...) But economic considerations (i.e., unemployment [since resolved, yea!]) require me to give up

Therefore, effective immediately, my Home Page is at:

and SOS' Gameviews (game reviews and articles) is at:

and The Fudge RPG Page is at:

If you maintain a website with a link to any of my pages - home page, reviews, articles, etc. - or maintain a FAQ mentioning my pages, please change the URL.

To Change the URL ...

To make it as painless as possible for you, I have kept the same directory structure and file names. So all you have to do is search for:

and replace it with:

Thus, for example, my reviews of San Marco, Wood Wars, and Prince Valiant are now at, respectively:

Likewise sos @ (without the spaces, of course) is my sole email address at this time. (I gave up the groo account, also.)

Many thanks,


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