NYC MetroCard Bonus Calculator

This calculator is for the fare in effect since March 19, 2017, and ending on April 20, 2010.

(The calculator in effect on April 21 is here.)

The base fare is $2.75 with a bonus of 5% (with a $5.50 minimum).

This calculator tells you how much to add to get an even number of rides.
Just press Calculate below if you're starting with a zero balance.

Note that MetroCard Vending Machines (MVMs) will only allow you to add
amounts that are multiples of 5 cents. For this reason, only totals that are
divisible by 5 cents are given here. The $1 fee for new cards is not included;
add $1 to your result if you are buying a new card. The maximum amount
that may be added using a machine is $80.

The effective fare cost per ride, including the bonus, is $2.62.

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Target Fare:
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