Why am I teej?

Well, here's the story, and remember you asked for it . .

This all goes back to about 1985 or 86. My best friend is Paula J. (aka Peej). While she liked being called Peej, she hated having to tell people what her middle name was. It was a name she is less then fond of, recently she doesn't mind it terribly, but I think she likes the initial better then the actual name. Anyway, Both Peej and I had another friend. His name was Beej. Bruce J. He answered to Beej, and was rather comfortable with his middle name. So there I was the only one without an initialed nickname. We tried Seej, but that sounded more like sewage treatment then a name so we decided that wasn't a good idea. Time passed. I bought Peej a stuffed triceratops for her birthday and she looked at it and looked at me and exclaimed, "Teej!" So, if you have not been following, let me summarize, teej stands for Triceratops Jr. and in a sense I am named after a small yellow triceratops named tops.

To tie up all the loose ends let me explain why this stuck, and was considered a good name. Peej and I belonged to a youth group and would be forced to sit in a circle of people and tell everyone our names and where we were from. Without fail Peej made me go first. It would go something like this, "Hi. My name is teej, and I am from Rosedale." Someone would always ask what does teej stand for, something much like what you have done, and I would say without hesitation, "Stacey Fran." Needless to say, when Peej introduced herself no one bothered to enquire any further.

There you have it. Remember, no one forced you to read this.