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Thursday, 29 August 2002

# 2:55 AM

lame thing

Galeon's parallel download widget will only download eight files at once. If you try to queue up a ninth download, the "save as" dialog box only comes up when one of the current eight finishes. If you try to queue even more (figuring that "save as" will appear eventually for all of them) it forgets about all of them except the last one you clicked.

This may actually be GTM's fault.

not-lame thing

Machinae Supremacy: I'm going to call it Swedish techno punk rock, because I have no idea what the official term for it is. Alan Cox calls it excellent hacking music. I concur.

# 1:55 AM

why zack should be kept away from the plumbing

Yesterday, I was cleaning the bathroom and discovered that the overflow drain on the sink was blocked, and could not be unblocked by rooting around through the hole with a bent wire. So, of course, I took the sink apart. In short order I discovered that (a) it's not possible to take apart the part of the sink where the blockage is, and (b) when you try to unscrew an old rusty steel pipe in the wrong direction, it tears apart. Oops.

Today, I went to the hardware store and got a replacement. The sink works again. But still — keep me away from your plumbing.