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Wednesday, 19 June 2002

# 9:55 PM

Leonard nitpicks Star Wars: Episode II. And behold, it is funny. Contains the beautiful phrases "...look on the bright side: you wouldn't all be crushed under the jackbooted heel of the Dark Lord of the Sith!" and "I don't know how this could possibly happen, but I could probably think something up if George Lucas put me on the payroll."

(Me, I plan to wait until it comes out on DVD and then propose that the ICSI movie club either MST3K it, or take Dave Trowbridge's advice.)

# 9:35 PM

Hobo Nickels. Check it out. (From Boing Boing.)

# 4:05 AM

Threw a party for Shweta's 25th birthday. Lots of people came: herself, Nathaniel, Sumana, Vince, Rebecca, Michael, Julia, Eve, and Alex. We played Once Upon a Time and ate pizza from Zachary's.