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Saturday, 16 March 2002

# 9 PM

Went to the Cal Sailing Club's Saturday morning lessons. While waiting around for my turn in a boat, I helped the people in their boatyard repair damaged centerboard slots, mostly by moving boats around so they could be worked on conveniently. I was told I was going to get to put on a full dust-protection suit, crawl inside the hull, and grind down the damaged fiberglass, but the sailing instructor called me first.

The sailing itself was kind of an exercise in realizing how much I'd forgotten in the year since I was last in a boat. I used to be able to come about smoothly.

Now I'm thoroughly worn out—which probably has more to do with having bicycled down to the marina and back, about six miles round trip, than the sailing itself. It was totally worth it, though. I'm definitely going back next week.

# 3:30 AM

I have a new bed, and the futon has been moved out to the living room, where it makes a respectable couch. The living room got rearranged quite a bit, and is now (I think) quite a bit friendlier. A coffee- table-like object might be nice, but it's good as is.

Random statistic: the month is half over, and there's 2,411 messages in the "gcc development lists" mailbox.