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Sunday, 17 March 2002

# 4 PM

Once again I'm backdating diary entries.

For the first time in weeks I can sleep in in the morning. I'm not sure whether it's because the new bed is much more comfortable so I can stay asleep longer, or there's no immediate stressor to deal with, or having bicycled six miles and sailed for two hours yesterday, or what.

Had a dream last night in which I had to infiltrate an Aztechnology office complex by pretending to sign up for a job interview, then sneak into a restricted area and rescue someone. The guy driving the getaway car had his baby son in the backseat. I think it was his wife I was trying to rescue. There was a talking dog at one point.

To paraphrase the sleazy procurer character from Face/Off: "No more Shadowrun for that man."

Right now I'm drinking hot cocoa and listening to the rain.

# 4:50 AM

Shweta, Nathaniel, and I went to see the Michael Brecker Quartet perform at Yoshi's on Jack London Square. I'm not a jazz fanatic, but it was really good music. Oddly I remember the piano and drum players' stylings better than Brecker himself on the saxophone.