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Thursday, 28 March 2002

# 5:15 AM

I keep making up magic for Shadowrun, and then discovering that the official rulebook has a spell with the same name. In this case, Ball Lightning. Except this time the official version doesn't actually do ball lightning; it's an "area-effect Lightning Bolt", which makes no freakin' sense. Well, I suppose you could have a whole bunch of lightning strikes in one area, but why would that be called ball lightning?

There's also a "Dream" spell, which is fortunately much less flexible than my "Dreamwalking" metamagic, so I can just ignore it.

# 5 AM

Just when I think things are going my way:

tgtsvr.ex (t0@taltos): Wed Mar 27 11:34:55 2002
    Connecting to target agent... succeeded.
    Attaching C++ interface... succeeded.
    Attaching elf OMF reader for PPC CPU family... succeeded.

    Error: rpccore backend client RPC: Can't encode arguments
    Error: Error performing target core file checksum.
    Warning: Core file checksums do not match.

Which boils down to "forget trying to get the board to say hello world today."

Andronico's doesn't have Passover matzah. They have several varieties of matzah that all say "not for Passover" on the box, though. WTF?

# 4:50 AM

I celebrated the Passover tonight, with Shweta and Nathaniel. It worked out really well, except next time I need to make the main course be less bland and doughy. (Substituting spinach for zucchini was a mistake.)

Tomorrow, I'm off to Minicon 37. When I get back, there will be a report. The computer's getting turned off now, and I won't be reading mail for the next five days (the horror! the horror!)