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Sunday, 3 March 2002

# 11:45 AM

Up too early, and the only thing for breakfast is leftover chow mein; I've put off grocery shopping far too long.

Now to run off to the Livermore swap meet with people from work.

# 12:30 AM


It only just now dawned on me that the archive links purported to be from 2001. Lemme just search-and-replace that out of existence...

dear applicant

I was turned down for admission to the graduate CS program here at Berkeley. Not sure what I'm going to do next, except that for sure I'm not going back to Stanford.


Today I went to 4th Street, which is Berkeley's yuppie shopping district, and bought a bunch of kitchen equipment at Sur la Table. Most importantly, I got a lid for my frying pan—I've been using the wok lid for the past year or so, but this will work better. Also, I picked up some potholders and some small knives, which should make Shweta happy.

Came home and cleaned off the evil pile of papers, more or less. There's still an intractable core of things-to-be-dealt-with, like the credit card bill, but they are at least all out where I can see them. I'm going to spend the evening sorting through the piles of books which have overflowed the shelves, and see how much more shelving I need. Also, clean the kitchen.

Big thank-you to Sumana for keeping me company.

69 files changed, 61 insertions, 2027 deletions

That's the summary of the patch I just posted to eliminate the "no floating point emulator" mode from GCC; this was a vile illusion, which never worked properly, and (as you can see) took up a fair amount of space while doing it.

(In case anyone reading this is worried: GCC will still use hardware floating point in the code it generates. It just won't ever use it internally.)