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Tuesday, 14 May 2002

# 5 AM

There was a minor earthquake (more details) a few hours ago. The USGS reports it as magnitude 5.2 at the epicenter, which is getting up there. But it was quite a ways south, near Gilroy. In Berkeley, the building rattled a bit and that was all. Still a creepy feeling... I haven't been in an earthquake since the big 6.7 in Northridge back in 1994. For a moment I was expecting it to keep shaking and get worse.

The paper's done. I go to bed now, and do the presentation in the morning (which will be a simple matter of cloning text out of the paper and turning it into bullet points).

# 1:10 AM

That was one bloody awful week, followed by a kick-ass weekend, and if I can just finish the paper that's due tomorrow, I'll be done with coursework, which will give this week a chance to be kick-ass too.

But I have to finish the paper first. I just want to show you my evil rock star made of Legos:

picture of lego man with helmet,
glowing red eyes, and electric guitar

Done with the Mini-Mizer.