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Thursday, 23 May 2002

# 10:30 PM

For some reason, whenever I do laundry, none of the socks get dry. They are all spread out on my bed now, drying the rest of the way.

Everything else gets dry, you understand, just not the socks.

# 1:45 PM

Joshua Micah Marshall on the Vice President's opposition to an independent inquiry into intelligence failures pre-Sept. 11:

...Earth to Democrats. You're being bullied. This is the oldest trick in the book. Lash out at your enemies for saying what they didn't say and see if they'll run scared. This man is a bully. He's arrogant. In the marketplace of ideas and argument he believes solely in force. Accepting it now will only encourage further untoward behavior. In any context, bullies can only be treated in one way. Call him on his lie. Be firm in what is a very reasonable position: support for an independent commission.

To which, the only thing one can say is "Right on." And hope that various members of Congress read his column.