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Wednesday, 29 May 2002

# 11 PM

Powell's Books interviews Norton Juster (author of The Phantom Tollbooth).

(So has Salon, last year.)

# 10 PM

heat wave

It's hot. It's not ever supposed to get hot here, dammit. I cannot cope with temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. (Half kidding.)

more shelves

I've bought more cinder blocks and boards with an eye to enlarging my bookshelves again. Two more tiers on the shelves on the far wall of the living room, should hold me for another six months or so.

Home Depot does not carry the right kind of cinder blocks. I think the pavers I bought instead will work, but they are disturbingly thin.

# 4:30 AM

Dave Trowbridge (linked from Electrolite) proposes a solution for the "excruciating dialogue" of Attack of the Clones: set the language on your DVD player to one you don't speak, and pretend it's opera.

I have not seen this movie, and after all the bad reviews I don't plan to bother. If you want to see a big-ticket action movie, consider Spider-Man instead: it's well written, believable (as much as a superhero movie ever is) and has three-dimensional, interesting characters. I do have to agree with Roger Ebert (review - mild spoilers) that the movie doesn't portray Spider-Man as well as it does Peter Parker, but I didn't mind that so much as he seems to have.

Dammit, I miss New York City.