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Saturday, 5 October 2002

# 10:15 PM

I'm pleased to report that the handymen showed up and are repairing the doorframe that got kicked in last night. They haven't gotten to the outer door yet, but I'm guessing that's only a matter of time.

# 12:55 PM

Someone just broke into my apartment building. He smashed a pane of glass in the front door to get in, and then came upstairs and tried to kick in one of the apartment doors — not mine. The door frame is wrecked but it didn't actually break open. Then he seems to have just left. Unfortunately, no one got a look at him, so the cops are not too sanguine about being able to catch him.

What surprises me is that he didn't do anything else. My bike is still parked in the hall, he didn't try to kick any other doors down, and so on. The people who live in that apartment are shook up but unhurt.

# 5:30 AM

Today, I gave the client three hundred megabytes of almost-working source code, and they gave me nine hundred cubic inches of printed manuals. (That's a 1'x9.5"x8" rectangular prism.) I'm not sure which of us got the short end of the stick.

I also discovered that if I turn my monitor around so it faces the other way, it has to be degaussed. Not sure why.