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Saturday, 15 February 2003

# 4:45 AM

obligatory valentine's day whinge

The author of this blog lives a satisfying life in most all of the ways that matter: he lacks not for material things, nor for friends, nor gainful employment (albeit the work is not always fun). With one glaring exception, that being the one celebrated today. Romance, in a word.

I am not particularly bitter about this. I consider it to be largely my own problem, in that I appear to have been reading some book under the table the day the teacher explained how to tell when someone is interested in you in a more-than-friends way. Still... at nearly twenty-five, when one's never had a relationship last more than about a month, and the last of those was three years ago, one begins to feel a bit left out.

The odd twist on this is that I don't lack for women telling me I'm attractive — except all of them are at least technically old enough to be my mother. This is not my kink. Perhaps it means I'll find true love when I'm forty years old, which would be fine except for the waiting fifteen years bit.

It seems unlikely that I'll meet anyone by sitting in my room writing weblog entries, though ... or, well, what the hell: If you like what you're reading and you're a human female in your twenties who lives in the greater San Francisco metropolitan area, please drop me a line.