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Sunday, 16 February 2003

# 7:15 PM


Getting geared up to go to the peace march in San Francisco when one of my friends, who's doing the same thing, calls me on the phone. Could you come pick me up a wee bit later? he says. Only I want to make some sandwiches first.

Sandwiches, I thought. What a good idea. I could do that too.


Boing Boing has some thoughtful exegesis on Google buying Blogger.

er, me?

In my inbox this morning, an invitation to participate in some panel or other at Minicon 38. I'm flattered, but somewhat bemused.

# 8:35 AM

On the sixth floor at ICSI someone has brought in a 1000-pack of Kapla building blocks and built two huge round towers out of them. And, even more impressive, an arched bridge.