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Sunday, 2 March 2003

# 7:50 PM

Yesterday I hauled my speakers over to Vynce's house and we replaced the input jacks. These were allegedly standard RCA jacks, but they were just far enough out of tolerance that they did not make a reliable electrical contact. Now I don't have to wrap tin foil around the end of the plug to get sound out of the things (which never worked very well).

The speakers are KLH Model 20, which I believe were made sometime in the sixties; they were originally sold as part of an integrated hi-fi package. I don't know what became of the tuner and tape deck; I nabbed the speakers out of my grandparents' garage when they moved to Walnut Creek back in 2000. (Yes, I've been putting up with the bad jacks for three years now.) They normally hold up one of my bookshelves; right now that function is being served by a bunch of cinder blocks.

# 1:50 AM

highly interesting, even as a zeroth draft

At v-2.org is an essay by Adam Greenfield entitled The minimal compact: An open-source constitution for post-national states. Read, form conclusions, send me mail with your reaction; I'm still contemplating.