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Saturday, 24 May 2003

# 5:45 AM

Oh, and ... I got my hands on a cleaning tape. For roughly HALF WHAT I PAID FOR THE DRIVE ITSELF, furrfu, but still. And, once I applied the cleaning tape to the tape drive, it (the drive) started working. Yay.

It's unpleasantly slow — takes about an hour to back up 15GB of data — but I can live with that. Backups are something you start before going to bed, anyway.

# 5:40 AM

My grandmother turned 80 last week. Congratulations, Mia!

My mother came up for the occasion, and we all went down to Stanford to see the 2003 Student Film Festival. Two of the films on the bill — "The Making of Elliot Weisenheimer's Wuthering Hearts" and "The Misfortunes of an Arrogant Child" — were directed by my sister Dara. All good stuff. Well, I was not impressed with "to be".

For the next week Ex Bibliotheca will be coming to you live from Ottawa and Montreal, where I am attending the 2003 GCC Summit and visiting my friends Emmet and Jo, respectively. Connectivity permitting, I plan to post a summary of the day's activities for each of the three days of the conference. I probably won't do that while visiting friends though.