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Sunday, 25 May 2003

# 6 AM

Up far too early to catch my 8AM flight to Ottawa. (Mad props to Michael and Julia for letting me sleep on their couch, halving the distance that had to be covered at the crack of dawn.) SFO Airport was packed...no surprise, it being Memorial Day weekend. Better yet, they were making everyone take off their shoes and have them X-rayed at the security checkpoint, slowing things down dramatically.

I had a stopover in Detroit; the second leg of the flight was on an itty bitty plane with propellers. Now I know why propellers are not used on most modern airplanes; not only are they noisy, but they make the whole airplane vibrate. Oddly, the gate attendant on the second leg required five volunteers to wait until the next day for their flight, but the plane was only about half full.

Arrived at the hotel at 8pm, then headed out to join the majority of summit attendees at the Earl of Sussex pub down the road, for a badly-needed proper meal. I talked to Dan Jacobowitz for a long time about debugging multi-threaded programs in general, and improvements to be made to GDB in specific. We also touched on generation of DWARF2 debug information, which GCC is not very good at.