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Saturday, 11 October 2003

# 10 PM

seen on the street

One of the classic streetcars Muni runs on their F-Market line, out of service, with a destination sign reading: NOWHERE IN PARTICULAR.

Alas, a storage chest has still not been found. The "build it myself" plan is looking better and better. But I spent the entire day out-of-doors! Yay! And there are some amazingly bizarre things for sale in stores on Valencia Avenue. The pirate store is not to be missed. There's another place that should call themselves Mad Scientist's Lab Prop Supply. They don't, but they should.

# 1 PM

I worked fifty-seven hours this week. Ugh. This does include commute time to a couple of on-site meetings in Alameda, which were simultaneously quite interesting and quite dull. One can only sit through so many slides of exegesis of government standards before the mind begins to wander.

Today I'm going to go walk up Valencia looking for a storage chest.