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Tuesday, 10 August 2004

# 5:20 PM

another math problem

Really an algorithmics problem, I suppose. Some definitions: for any set s with ns elements, which are totally ordered:

  • The median index ms is the number ⌊ns/2⌋;
  • The median Ms is the ms-th element;
  • The left half L(s) is the subset consisting of the elements numbered 1 … ms-1;
  • The right half R(s) is the subset consisting of the elements numbered ms+1 … ns.

Given a base set S with n totally ordered elements, find an algorithm which emits a list of medians, of the following sets in order:

  1. S
  2. L(S)
  3. R(S)
  4. L(L(S))
  5. R(L(S))
  6. L(R(S))
  7. R(R(S))

and so on until all elements of the original set S have been emitted. In other words, the set is organized into a binary tree, each of whose subtrees corresponds to a subset of the original set, and is headed by the median element of that set; and then the tree is walked in breadth-first order.

The preferred solution is a nonrecursive algorithm with O(1) space requirement.

# 3 AM

did you know ...

that recent GTK+ allows arbitrary rebinding of keyboard shortcuts? I sure didn't. It's yet another undocumented configuration toggle, and it doesn't work in xchat, which sucks because xchat is the program I use all the time which has a menu keybinding that I really, really wish I could get rid of (Ctrl/I "detach tab"). More details here.

As far as I can tell, the things you can put in .gtkrc are documented nowhere. Please, someone prove me wrong.