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Sunday, 8 August 2004

# 3:50 PM

circus contraption

Last night V and I went to see the new Circus Contraption new show, Circus Contraption's Grand American Traveling Dime Museum. This is a lively mix of aerobatic feats, old-style burlesque, klezmer music, sketch comedy, and (at the very end) a musical number that completely blew me away with the ingenuity required to think of the gimmick, the musical skill required to pull it off, and the elegant beauty of the result. (Not saying what they did.) Also, there were penny-farthing bicycles! I'd never seen one of these in the flesh before, much less with someone riding it.

The show is at CELLspace, San Francisco, through the end of August. Y'all should go see it. (Obligatory content warning: contains much ribald humor, a small quantity of nudity, and a gunshot.)

slight correction

In the math problem below, the correct formula for values of k is 2i+1s + p, not, er, whatever silly thing it was that I don't remember now that I've gone and changed it.