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Monday, 5 September 2005

# 7:50 PM

As previously mentioned, I am taking up a new life as a graduate student in the cognitive science department of the University of California, San Diego. They want me there by the 15th September, so much of my time for the past few weeks has been tied up with packing. Today, the movers came; they have just finished taking away all of my stuff. Tomorrow I get in my car and drive to Bakersfield, where I crash at a motel. Wednesday I have breakfast with my great-uncle Don, then I get back in the car and keep driving, all the way to San Diego. Hopefully, my stuff does not beat me there, nor does it fail to show up for weeks after I get there.

Currently I am planning to work with Profs. Jim Hollan and Ed Hutchins on human-computer interaction, but that could well change once I get settled in.

I'll not be reading email for the next several days. Just for the record.