Miriam H-K: I'm a former massage therapist and Trager practitioner who is no longer practicing due to multiple sclerosis. I can be a bit of a backseat driver but Ellen doesn't mind. As a former professional I am choosy and have to say Ellen is terrific. She knows her stuff, has a great touch, has educated herself about my condition and always makes me feel better.

Michael M: Ellen is a marvelous message therapist. After a serious injury, with Ellen's help, I became more mobile and steadier on my feet. - Michael M.

Betty U: After trying many things to deal with a painful case of whiplash, I discovered the Trager technique and found it helped more than anything. Ellen's kindness and sensitivity made each session a nurturing and healing experience and went a long way to alleviating my chronic pain.

Harold S: I have used the Trager procedure periodically and found it to be very beneficial. I have lower back pain and was operated on. Even though the surgery was successful, I do experience muscle pain and get relief after Ellen does the procedure. She is very knowledgeable and talented.

Jean G: The intuitive touch of Ellen's hands comforted my partner during his long illness. During the same time, I also benefited from her amazing sensitivity and healing power.

Ing H: Benefits of a session with Ellen go beyond the table. She listens carefully to your symptoms and limitations without making them wrong. Then she works with a sensibility that invites both your body and mind to expand on what's possible. I experience release and wholeness in the body that has been blunted by severe trauma and injury, introducing my physiology to new options from contracting patterns.

Testimonial from a sister and brother on my work with their family:

Lorraine M: Ellen worked with our sister who had suffered a hemorrhagic stroke that left her without the ability to talk, walk and use her hands.
Oscar M: This was a severe event leaving her confined to a nursing home and in a minimally conscious state.
Lorraine M: She was confined to a bed and could not feed herself. Because of our sister's lack of significant response to initial physical therapy sessions it was determined by those in charge of her medical care that she would not receive any additional physical therapy at the long term care facility.
Oscar M: Range of motion was all they would provide.
Lorraine M: A friend suggested that I find a massage therapist who could help our sister generally feel better. Ellen started to work with our sister a year after the stroke.
Oscar M: Ellen was able to provide more stimulation for our sister (mental as well as physical) through different massage techniques, even helping us, the family, learn a few easy ways to help relax our sister's hands and limbs making it easier for the nursing staff and aids to bathe her and change her clothes.
Lorraine M: Ellen's work with our sister also provided a source of mental stimulation. Because of our sister's diagnosis the facility did not provide any level of stimulation other than aides who may have talked with her during the course of their duties. The only other source of stimulation prior to Ellen working with her came from family visits. For example, while working on her fingers or legs, Ellen talked with her; she also brought in a toy piano, which our sister could eventually manipulate as well as other items to manipulate.
Oscar M: I firmly believe that my sister's condition was made more bearable because of Ellen.
Lorraine M: Ellen is an excellent therapist and a caring, patient, and compassionate person. I am so grateful that Ellen came into our sister's life. It made the time she had left less painful and more interesting. Ellen treated our sister as a whole person; unfortunately a quality lacking among many medical professionals.