Hong Kong and Macau

I've gone to Hong Kong five times (July 1997, January 1998, June 1998, February 1999 and October 1999) as part of a USDEL for consultations with Hong Kong authorities regarding copyright enforcement.   We also held consultations on the same subject with Macanese authorities on all but the July 1997 trip (Macau is one hour away from Hong Kong by jetfoil ferryboat).

hkskyline.jpg (15350 bytes)

The Hong Kong Skyline seen from Kowloon, July 1997
(Decorations for the handover ceremonies are still visible)

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Guangzhou, China

As part of our January 2000 consultations with Chinese authorities about implementation of the 1995 and 1996 bilateral agreements on enforcement of intellectual property rights, our delegation travelled to Shanghai and Guangzhou to consult with municipal and provincial authorities.