Places I've lived

1967–1968. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. See below.

1968–1969. Washington D.C., USA. As I was 2 years old at the time, I don't remember much of this. I like to think that I remember the sound of the birds from the Great Flight Cage at the zoo behind our house, but I can't really be sure that I remember that from when we lived there as opposed to subsequent trips to Washington. Partly because my dad studies Congress there have been subsequent trips.

1969–1985. Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA. At the time it seemed like a great town. I don't really know how it would seem now, I haven't been back in the last few years. The restaurants aren't as good as many Ann Arborites like to think, that much I've figured out.

1985–1986. Oberlin, Ohio, USA. See below.

spring 1986. London, England. A fun town to wander around. Sort of a cross between being a tourist (which I wasn't because there was longer to see stuff, and one got to have more ordinary adventures, like the differences in supermarkets, banks, etc.) and being someone who really lives there (which I wasn't because I didn't know too many people, knew I would only be there 3 months, etc). I would wander around the parks and write letters and go to folk clubs, coffeehouses, and stuff.

1986–1988. Oberlin, Ohio, USA. A bastion of gay life--if you can consider massive numbers of confused college kids coming out (including myself) "gay life" which I suppose is pushing it. A hotbed of various kinds of radical or liberal ideas, like student co-ops, peace, and stuff. Only problem is you kind of have to leave once you graduate (well, only if you are picky and want a job or something like that).

1988–1989. Chicago, Illinois, USA. The idea was that I'd experiment in living alone. Well, that didn't last too long.

1989–1990. Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Came here for a job with the Free Software Foundation. The way-cool thing about Boston is the folk dancing (contra dancing and such)--there was a gay contra dance group I went to.

1990–1992. East Wind Community, Tecumseh, Missouri, USA. So I decided I was sick of normal jobs and living alone (or with housemates, compared with the more social and more communal atmosphere of dorms or student co-ops) and so I wanted to run off and join a commune. Looking back on it, it seems like click here to see what it seems like.

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