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Giant Stairs (written by David L. on 12/14/2010)
Saturday December 11, 2010: At 11:15, four of us started at the State Line Lookout overlooking the Hudson Palisades. From the parking lot, we walked south till we came to the Long Path. Turning left, we soon reached a long set of stone stairs that brought us down, down, down, down, to the Hudson River.

At the bottom of the stairs, we turned north on the Shore Path and soon came to the Giant Stairs. These "Stairs" are actually an enormous jumble of rocks that resemble, in someone's twisted imagination, steps for very large creatures. We scrambled over these rocks with hands, feet and poles for over a mile. Finally, the "Stairs" ended but we were still by the river. We passed through an opening in a fence from New Jersey to New York and soon reached an ice-encrusted waterfall.

Just after the waterfall, the trail began rising. The Shore Path soon ended and we turned south on our way back to the State Line Lookout. From the top of the Palisades, the views of the Hudson were magnificent. The air was so still that there was hardly a ripple in the water. Eerily, we didn't see a single boat during the whole hike.

We ended up at the State Line Lookout at 4 PM. Everyone was a little sore from the Giant Stairs. We'll be back!
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