WristApps for the Timex Datalink 150

WristApps - Applications that can be downloaded and run by a Timex Datalink Watch.

I enjoy gadgets, and I love my Timex Datalink. In addition to being able to download phone numbers, lists, schedules and alarms from a PC, it has a Motorola 6805 microprocessor and 1K of user memory for custom applications. Coding for it reminds me of the good old days: programming my father's KIM-1 in 6502 assembly. In many ways, these two computers are similar in their architecture and their limitations.

Here are some Wristapps I wrote to extend the functionality of the Datalink 150 and 150s.

Last Updated on Sep. 28th, 2001.

New! Wristapp foundry for the Datalink USB

Numpad 1.4

Numpad is the first ever multifunction Wristapp; A WristSuite if you wish. Features include:

Download Numpad version 1.4 (Dated July 5th, 1998)

There is also a minor new update: Version 1.4L with a simple but usable 'Lap timer' feature. This update does not contain complete documentation (consult the main distribution, above).

Download Numpad version 1.4L (Dated Oct. 7, 1999)


Txtpad is a special version of Numpad for those who need move advanced entry capabilities.

Download Txtpad version 0.9 (Jan. 12, 1998)

In response to numerous requests, Txtpad 0.91 is very different: Only 3 Memos, but it provides other options, such as a Chronometer and the Chime Control feature.

Download Txtpad version 0.91 (July 11th, 1998)

Middle East Versions of Numpad/Txtpad

Special Numpad and Txtpad versions for Islamic Middle Eastern countries where the Weekend is observed on Thursdays and Fridays.

Download Numpad for the Middle East (Dated Aug. 16, 1998)


For some people less is more... After many requests, here's Nopad, which has all the features of Numpad, except for the memo fields. There is no documentation with this version. The documentation can be found in the main Numpad distribution, above.

Download NoPad (Oct. 8, 1998)


A quick, dirty, and somewhat buggy little app to create animations on the Datalink. Source is included for any brave soul that would like to improve it.

Download Animator Beta (Feb. 18, 1998)

More WristApps to Come!


Other People's Wristapps

The DataLink GMAT CAT Test Pacer

800Score.com offers an innovative commercial application for the TDL that proves the unique potential of wristapps (and wristwatch-hosted software in general). There are applications for which the watch form factor is ideal; this is one of them.


Olivier PHILIPP of France created MagicPad. This application includes Numpad's Chronometer and Weekly feature, plus a Life Point counter for playing Magic The Gathering. Use this wristapp while playing an Armageddon Clock deck, and watch your opponents squirm!


If you are looking for the most powerful chronometer available for the Timex Datalink, look no further than Christer Larsson's Chrono wristapp. It can store 10 lap times and display lap and cumulative time for each.

Space Invaders

Occupy yourself during long flights or boring business meetings with this great classic game, now available for the datalink thanks to Jordi Perez of Spain. Other games are also available on Jordi's site.

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