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last updated 04/19/2012

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My name is Alexx Kay and this is my Web Page. On October 27th, 2001, I married the delightful lady known as Kestrell. She and I are both intermittently active on LiveJournal.

I work in the computer game industry. Notable projects have included Thief: The Dark Project, System Shock 2, Freedom Force, The Lost, Freedom Force vs. The Third Reich, and BioShock I am currently working on BioShock Infinite for Irrational Games.

I enjoy gaming, most especially computer games, but also medieval games, and more modern ones.

I'm a long-time comic book fan. My favorite comic book used to be Cerebus, which I've done a lot of scholarly work on. I've also made some small contributions to the Annotated Sandman and an annotated version of Watchmen (something else I should really do more on...). Here are some useful miscellaneous comic book links.

I read voraciously, in many genres. I've done some obsessively-fannish research into the Dragaera novels of Steven Brust. Here's a page with some of my favorite prose authors.

I'm a big fan of theater, both early and modern. I'm a regular subscriber of Actors' Shakespeare Project, and I catch Punchdrunk whenever I can. I also do amateur theater work myself. In 1994, I directed a full production of Beaumont and Fletcher's pre-fourth-wall farce, The Knight of the Burning Pestle. In recent years, I have performed in amateur productions of Shakespeare's Henry V, and Thomas Middleton's gleefully over-the-top The Revenger's Tragedy.

I don't watch any current TV any more, but past favorites include Buffy, Babylon 5, Veronica Mars, and The Prisoner.

I'm an active supporter of the ACLU, The Electronic Frontier Foundation, and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

If you want to contact me, e-mail is your best bet. If for some reason, you want to get me a present, here's my Wish List. If you want to visit me, here are directions to my house.

I am occasionally active in the Barony of Carolingia (part of the SCA) where I go by the name Alessandro the Storyteller. My primary focus (as you might have guessed) was working with the Storyteller's Guild. My magnum opus was a retelling in serial format of The Matter of France. I held the office of Historian/Librarian of Carolingia for several years, and can still be convinced to natter on about the Barony's history to interested parties.

I am the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Emerald Press. We publish books of interest to the SCA audience, mostly transcriptions of out-of-print period sources with some modern commentary and footnotes. We have also, however, begun to branch out into original books about the SCA itself. I also do a fair amount of historical research and teaching in an SCA context.

Like many of my SCA friends, I have fond memories of Le Poulet Gauche. I was a founding member of I Sebastiani, The Greatest Commedia Dell'Arte Troupe In The Entire World tm, but am retired at present.

The web is a great place for finding information. On the other hand, it's far too easy a place to spend money. On the other other hand, some truly silly things can be found there.