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Other Research Projects

1999 Calculations for kayak upright resistance.

1996 Calculations for submerged hydrofoil forces and moments.

1996 Calculations for NPL-100A fast displacement hull with transom stern.

1996 Calculations for planing flat plates, waterski.

1989 Calcualtions for wave fields due to submarines.

1989 Dr. Fred Stern at Institute of Hydraulic Research, University of Iowa, couples SPLASH with near-field Navier-Stokes viscous flow solver.

1988 Calculations for forces and moments on a submerged ellipsoid.

1988 "Wake-Off" calculations about Navy Fleet tug boat Quapaw evaluated by DWTNSRDC as best near-field results compared to other available methods.

1988 Calculations for tanker in close proximity to bottom (grounding incident).

1987 Calculations for FFG-7 naval ship.

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