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A Bit About Me

First, let me welcome you to my website. I hope the 300 pages here provide you the information and fun sought.

Now, since you asked, here's what makes me tick...

I jokingly call myself "the Luddite with a web site." Of course, it's hard to be a Luddite when you use a computer as much as I do. :)

None the less, I minimize my involvement with the consumeristic tendencies of our society. In addition, when I do consume, efforts are made to reduce the impacts. For instance, I'm a vegan. Vegans eat only vegetable matter and avoid using animal products.

I love cycling. I also love eating. What's nice is they go together so well! Biking makes me eat a bunch of food. Then, cycling burns off the food. Life is good! :) The tough part is deciding which I love more...

Cycling gets me nearly everywhere. Other times, transit is used. Sometimes the two are combined to reach out of the way locations. My favorite vacations are bike tours: load up the bike and take off. Some of my journies included rides between NYC and the Adirondacks, Washington DC, Michigan and Syracuse. Sleeping accommodation are made in discrete roadside locations. Well... some of the roadside locations haven't been so discrete. :)

Being outside makes me happy. The sights in the sky, the scents in the air and the sounds of water flowing all bring on large smiles. The weather doesn't matter. Rain smells good. Snow is beautiful and fun. As many have said, "There's no such thing as bad weather; just bad clothes."

Music is a joy. In particular, classic rock, blues and funk are what get me going. Of course, where there's music, there's dancing! I frequently get my ya-ya's out at the Barefoot Boogie.

I've lived in New York City since 1986. The intensity, diversity and intellectual activity are what make this city so amazing. My favorite thing about NYC is the library system. This fantastic resource makes the city an intelligent, thus more interesting, place to live.

For some background information, my Resume may provide further insights. On it, you'll find large chunks of time spent on volunteer work. The effort used to be done for Transportation Alternatives. Now, my time goes to the 4th Street Food Co-op. Also, take a peek at my Press Clips. If you're really curious, here's a photo of me at work.

I also have some other web sites:

So, that should be more than enough to help you figure out who I am.

See you!


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