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Date Publication Item Title
14-Feb-02 New York Post Letter "Podhoretz Misses the Bus: Single-Occupant Ban Works"
05-Jan-02 Daily News Letter "Safe Driving"
04-Jun-01 Daily News Letter "Get a Map"
31-Mar-99 Daily News Letter "Power to the Pedal!"
23-Mar-99 Village Voice Quote "Car Park"
12-Dec-96 News12 New Jersey Interview New Jersey: Exhausted and Fumed
Oct 96 Computer Currents Review "Metro Views" The MetroCard on the Internet
29-May-96 Star-Ledger Opinion "NJ Transit Can Do Better Than Rely on Park-and-Ride Lots"
17-Oct-94 Auto-Free Press Article "Commentary On: Improving Regional Mobility"
29-Sep-94 WBAI, 99.5 FM Quote Behind the News: "Analysis of the Mayor's Just Released Capital Plan"
28-Jul-94 WBAI, 99.5 FM Interview Behind the News: "What the Giuliani Budget Holds for Transportation"
29-Mar-94 New York Newsday Quote "Giuliani's in the Driver's Seat"
19-Sep-93 Star-Ledger Quote "Planned High Occupancy Vehicle Lanes are Criticized by Environmentalists"
11-Feb-93 New York Times Letter "All Aboard the Economic Recovery Flier"
16-Dec-92 Star-Ledger Letter "Training Attention on Public's Needs"
29-Apr-92 Star-Ledger Letter "Debating Merits of Tolls on Roads"
Jan/Feb 92 Auto-Free Press Article "DOT Sees More Highways As Brooklyn's Road to Clean Air"
Jan 92 World Watch Letter "Mass (Transit) Appeal"
Nov/Dec 91 Auto-Free Press Article "The Auto-Free Washington Square Park Movement: 1952-58"
22-Aug-91 Star-Ledger Letter Misplanning is a Problem, but Cars are No Scapegoat
26-May-91 Star-Ledger Letter "P.A. Accounting Called 'Biased'"
05-May-91 New York Times Letter Why Automobiles are Central to our Culture
Apr 91 Land Access Alert Letter "Public Service Video?"
Mar/Apr 91 Solar Mind Reprint "A Conservative Transportation Policy"
10-Jan-91 Staten Island Advance Letter "A Dream Solution for Island Commute"
Nov/Dec 90 Auto-Free Press Article "A Conservative Transportation Policy"
Mar 90 NYCC Bulletin Letter "In the Middle of the Road"
Issue 7 Moving Target Reprint "Outlaws Code of the Road"
Dec 89 ICA News Article "Outlaws Code of the Road"
Mar/Apr 89 City Cyclist Article "Singing in the Rain"


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