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Training Attention on Public's Needs

Dear Editor:
Your Most recent articles on NJ Transit's proposed transfer station in Secaucus and the Allied Junction commercial development leave two key questions unasked: Are there other options that would better meet our state's transportation needs? Should the Allied Junction development move forward at all?

Currently, the Main Line (from Suffern, N.Y.) and the Northeast Corridor Line (from Trenton) pass each other in the Hackensack Meadows. To improve rail transit, linking the lines has been under discussion for quite some time. While NJ Transit has been pushing a transfer station, it has ignored the possibility of joining the tracks so travelers can go directly to Penn Station, New York.

When I asked an official at NJ Transit why a connection was not being considered, he replied Allied Junction Corp. plans to give money for the station and that building a connection might take away some of Allied's property. The bulk of our concern should not be for one land-holder, but for everyone in the region. Adding a station stop will increase travel times for those using both lines. A direct, one seat, ride to Manhattan makes travel significantly easier for Main Line riders.

Developing only commercial uses on a property creates the need for transportation, and building in the middle of nowhere exacerbates it. We have to reduce the need for transportation. If Allied is interested in real estate development, there are plenty of existing neighborhoods that need an influx of investment which have open land to use and infrastructure in place.

The Allied Junction Corp.'s development is completely dependent upon, and the main beneficiary of, "public" works that would be built at great cost to New Jersey's institutions. The New Jersey Turnpike Authority is being looked to for over $200 million for ramps. NJ Transit is expected to shell out $350 million for track work and a train station. PSE&G will have to move high tension wire towers out of the way.

All resources are limited. Let's use them where they will do the most good.



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    Author: Daniel Convissor
    Title: Training Attention on Public's Needs
    Section: Letters to the Editor
    Publication: The Newark Star-Ledger
    Date: 16 December 1992


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