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NYC Transit Board Agenda:
May 1996

The May 1996 New York City Transit Committee Agenda for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Board of Directors contains the following information of interest:

Flexible's Financial Woes Causes NYCT to Get 50 New Buses from Orion Instead

In February 1995 a contract was awarded for the purchase of 50 buses from Flexible Corp. Flexible has been having financial problems, causing them to idle their manufacturing operations. NYC Transit and Flexible reached an agreement, allowing both parties to terminate that contract at no cost. NCYT now seeks approval to obtain the 50 buses from Orion by modifying an existing contract. The proposed delivery schedule has the first bus arriving on 8/26/96 and the final one on 9/20/96. The cost would be $237,500 per bus.

New Centralized "Rail Control Center"

NYC Transit is in the process of putting together an Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) System to modernize the control of the "A" Subdivision. This will provide for centralized traffic control, real-time customer information, automatic vehicle identification, train tracking, computer aided dispatching and computer aided routing.

In 1988 NYCT awarded a contract to the University of Pennsylvania, assisted by Parsons Brinckerhoff, Quad & Douglas, to conduct a study "to define the functions and operating methods of control centers; to recommend their organization and management structure; and to determine the basic physical features of the centers." This project was completed in 1990.

Rail Transportation Systems was given a contract by NYCT in 1991 to prepare the system requirements, technical specifications and master plan for the Rail Control Center.

NYCT is now seeking Board approval to issue a competitive Request for Proposal for the next phase of work. This work can generally be described to include the detailed design, furnishing, installing, and testing of the central hardware and software at the new Rail Control Center to be built by others at the West 54 Street site, and computer workstations at 25 field locations which will be connected to the ATS System. ATS must also interface with other, existing systems such as Power Subdivision's SCADA (Supervisory, Control, and Data Acquisition) System to provide indication of traction power status, and the Public Address/Customer Information Sign system to provide for real time announcements to customers in stations. In addition, the Contractor will be responsible for providing the architectural treatment of the Control Center Operating Theater and Computer Room, and alterations to Field Dispatcher Locations within the areas encompassed under this Contract. The Contractor will also be responsible for related field work in the area of this Contract including designing, furnishing and installing a microprocessor based code control system between relay rooms and the Control Center. The anticipated cost for this work is expected to range from $100 million to $140 million.

More information on this project can be found in the next paragraph and in another page I have.

Demolition of the 54 St and 9 Av Bus Depot (to make way for the Rail Control Center)

NYCT is seeking approval of a contract to demolish the former 54 Street and 9 Av Bus Depot in Manhattan. Removing this structure will make way for the new Rail Control Center.

New and Refurbished Maintenance Flat Cars

AMF TechnoTransport Inc is to be awarded a $3,168,672 contract to furnish and deliver 30 flat cars for maintenance purposes. The 24 cars for NYC Transit will consist of new materials except for refurbished trucks and have a 40 year life expectancy. The 6 cars for Staten Island Railway will be completely reconditioned and have a 25 year life expectancy.

Computerized Maintenance Management for Buses

NYC Transit wants the Board to approve a contract to purchase the Datastream MP2 Computerized Maintenance Management system, including software, licenses, maintenance and training. This software will automate the Department of Buses facilities maintenance functions of preventative maintenance, work order scheduling and tracking of purchase requisitions.

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