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This page is dedicated to all those who appreciate the quality and effort put into the building and programming of another timeless Williams classic - Joust, one of my all-time favorites, and my second machine. Here you information on how to fix and get around simple problems found in the classic game.

I bought my Joust at the USAA Auction November 28, 1998 at the South Jersey Expo Center for $325. [Cabinet #607524]. I was very suprised I got the game at that price. I guess I was lucky. This cabinet, however, is not as in good a shape as my Sinistar cabinet is. This one has some cigarette burns, and dings on the side. The bottom is also worn a bit. But I feel this was a fair price for the machine. It works flawlessly, and just required a little work on the single player joystick (yellow stick).

The first thing I did upon getting it home, was to clean the monitor and monitor glass. Man was mine dirty. Sixteeen years of cigarette smoke and dust had bilt up a good film on the inside of the monitor glass and on the monitor itself. I couldn't beleive how much gunk I pulled off it. The kicker here was the monitor's brightness was cranked up to copensate. (No wonder it looked a little blurry.) After seeing how crisp and clean my tube was, I did the same to my Sinistar. Boy did I hate moving that monitor glass.

I used some fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the bumps on the control panel cause by cigarette burns, and used some compound to remove surface smears of odd paint on the side art. Maybe someday I'll sand down the sides and repaint her. But for now, I just enjoy playing her. Both my Joust and my Sinistar are receptacles for my *Quarters for Vega$" fund. When I go in April, I'll empty the bellies of these beasts and plunk the change down a one-armed bandit (progressive, of course) and go for broke. Wish me luck.

I have ordered a Williams Multi-Game Kit from Clay. I have installed the kit, and it works flawlessly. I also ordered a Mutli-Williams Control Panel, Control Panel Overlay, and Marquee from Darin. I also ordred all the necessary controls from the Real Bob Roberts, and put the whole package together on a rainy day in March 2003. I can now play Defender, Stargate, Joust, Robotron, Bubbles, and Splat. Take a look at the photographs at the bottom of the page to see what my Joust looks like now.

This game was photographed (along with yours truly) and appeared in the January 27th issue of Long Island Newsday (Life Section). The photo didn't make the on-line edition.

This is a project in work, so please be forgiving if stuff you want is not here. I may provide scans of Drawings - it'll depend on legibility and file size in the future.

The Joust Library

Click on an image to see larger photos of my Joust.

Before Multi-Willy

After Multi-Willy

We do have some pinouts for Joust.

I have also come across a hack so that your 4116 RAM on your Main PCB can be replaced with 4164 RAMs, which are found in old PC's. I have been told that the 4164 RAMs also run cooler. This hack works with all classic Williams Boards.

I also scanned my Joust Manual. The ROM summary was on the inside of the front cover. The ROM Summary Addenum describing the ROM change for the pteradactyl bug fix is also included. This manual is no longer in the archives at