Here is stuff for David. If you are looking for me...

I went to school at:
Horace Mann (Chicago IL) 1960(?)-1968
Niles East (Skokie IL) 1968-1972
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Worcester MA) 1972-1976, BS Computer Science

Proud member of PRT (Peter Randall Triumph Studios) (aka Perverted Radio Tapes) with:

Rich Holmes (Beau’iful ’ompage)
Chris Ingalls (link here some day)
Steve Kovner (link here some day)
John Major (color me Majorly impressed!)

I worked at:
ASA Inc 1976-1981
CSE (Computer Systems Engineering) 1981-1982
Wellesley College 1982-1988 (code sample and documentation sample)
Prime Computer 1988-1994 (code sample and documentation sample)
Brooktrout Technology 1994-1997 (code sample and documentation sample)
Priority Call Management (PCM) 1997-2001 (aka LHS Inc, aka Sema Group, aka SchlumbergerSema) (code sample)
Kronos 2008-2010
Orgamation Technology 2010-2012
LogixHealth 2012-2012
EBI Consulting 2013-???

Some of my interests:
Esperanto. 1980ish to present. See (national) or (local, very preliminary). Mensa. 1980ish to present. See (national) or (local).
Clean Elections. 2001 to present. See
Space exploration. Since Ghu knows when. Member of L5 Society (now National Space Society, See “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Planet.”
Science fiction. Frequent member of Boskones ( and Arisias (, at one time many WorldCons.
National Peace Foundation. ??? to present. See
I’ve written some movie reviews for a dinner-and-movie group of friends.

Here’s a pic of our black Labrador Retrievers, Sheena (1990 to July 30, 2005; (Female black lab with TONGUE) info on her passing) ... and Tucker: (Male black lab looking very distinguished)

A picture of me...

I also handle the Tanenbaum mailing list (signup info).

We almost suffered a serious house fire. Here are some things to consider in dealing with a fire...

Now living in Waltham MA. How to reach me: dwolff at this domain.

Some day, links to friends and relatives:

Last updated: 17 June 2015.