Some movie reviews.

NOTE: Many or all of these reviews have spoilers!

Inception Worth paying to see twice. (July 2010)

MacGruber! No socially redeeming value at all. (June 2010)

Hot Tub Time Machine Pick your suckage. (March 2010)

Shutter Island Reality... what a concept. (March 2010)

Book of Eli and Legion Unintentionally antireligious. (February 2010)

Avatar See it. Now. In 3D. (January 2010)

2012 Think of it as a planetary Titanic, only with less-interesting characters. (December 2009)

Julie and Julia An hour later you’re hungry again. (November 2009)

Knowing Did not suck bowling balls through a garden hose. (April 2009)

Watchmen Ramming justice down the world’s throat. (March 2009)

Babylon AD Cars blowed up real good. (September 2008)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Kid’s version of the Big Six. (August 2008)

Speed Racer A rush from start to end. (May 2008)

10,000 BC Major, giant, howling suckage. (March 2008)

Beowulf This technology is almost ready for the movies. (February 2008)

The Bourne Ultimatum Non-stop, hyperkinetic action. (August 2007)

Snakes on a Plane Lots of bit parts. (Posted August 2008, very late)

Knocked Up Amusing. (Posted September 2008, very late)

Last updated: 1 December 2009