Some articles I have written, plus letters about the number of Esperanto speakers.

Suggestions for the Esperanto movement

Why “The international language that works!” is an effective “service mark” for Esperanto.
Some notes on “selling” Esperanto.
Reply to article about the number of Esperanto speakers: Two million speakers.
A new pronoun for Esperanto, “ŭi.”

Useful things

Suggestions for useful handouts available from ELNA.
Esperanto table / display items: what to have when you’re getting ready to display at a cultural festival or similar.

Number of Esperanto speakers

Three letters from Professor Sidney Culbert (English originals).

Notes on the letters.
Letter from 1967.
Letter from 1969.
Letter about research methodology.

Tri leteroj de Prof-o Sidney Culbert (tradukitaj al Esperanto).

Notoj pri la leteroj.
Letero de 1967.
Letero de 1969.
Letero pri esplor-metodoj.

And a scan of one page of the 1967 letter (430KB).

Song translations for your enjoyment

Translation of Christina Aguillera’s “Genie in a Bottle.”
Translation of Christina Aguillera’s “Fighter.”
Translation of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated.”

Problems with the Esperanto movement

Some notes on why I resigned from the ELNA Board of Directors.
A rant on local Esperanto groups in the US.
Notes on the reversed Richardson dictionary fiasco.


Article on the Richardson Book project.
The Richardson book dictionary (about 3,600 words, 141KB). Typical entry:

<ali/a> (an)other, else, <~igi, ~ig^i> change, alter, <~landano>
citizen of another country, alien

A little WWW service for people who can’t spell (or perhaps can’t type).
Ewmew Fudd wites Espewanto: Leteŭo pŭi espŭoŭ-metodoj, he-he-he.

Last updated: 27 May 2015.