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New Lead Paint Responsibilities

Do YOU Qualify for a
Lead Paint Exemption?





   All NYC Building Owners & Managers

   New Lead Paint Requirements

   August 2, 2004

   Pre-1960 Buildings with Resident or Visiting Children

   Lead Paint Local Law 1 Took Effect

As of August 2, 2004, all owners & managers must:

 1.   Ask every tenant if a child under 7 years old is present in the apartment.

 2.   Physically inspect each apartment with a child for lead-paint hazards.*

 3.   Survey all common areas for lead-paint hazards.

 4.   Abate all hazards within 21 days.

 5.   Notify the Department of Health 10 days before commencing work.

 6.   Send a list of all hazards to the tenant and the Department of Health.

 7.   Send all clearance results to the tenant and HPD.

 8.   Keep records for 10 years of hazards*, licenses, clearance results, and all forms.

 9.   Use only EPA-certified contractors.

10.  Use an EPA-certified independent Dust Wipe Clearance firm.

                Not only that, but you must also:

              •   Repeat each of these 10 steps each year!
              •   Follow these rules or face stiff penalties and fines!
              •   Allow HPD and DOH to audit all your records!

* Lead-paint hazards include:
  •  painted window sills
  •  friction surfaces
  •  cracked or peeling paint
  •  all deteriorating painted surfaces

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