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EPA Tests

The EPA is conducing ongoing tests in areas affected by the World Trade Center disaster.

It is monitoring the air and water for a variety of toxic agents and testing for asbestos and heavy metals in the dust and debris.

Recent EPA testing revealed "variable levels" of asbestos in the dust and debris.

We note that although the EPA has stated on September 16th, that it believes "that there is no significant health risk to the general public in the coming days," it also recommended that "businesses in the area take precautions including cleaning air conditioning filters and using vacuums with appropriate filters to collect dust."

Click here for the latest EPA test results:

New York City Department of Health

Current NYC DOH health advisories, directives and Information related to the World Trade Center tragedy may be found here:

New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Information issued by the
New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) may be found here: