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Although NYC's Department of Health (DOH) has minimized the danger of health risk to New Yorkers from exposure to asbestos, we note that many scientists, including some working for the government, disagree.

Studies show that there is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos. Theoretically, a single asbestos fibril can kill. Therefore, even a one-time exposure to asbestos can cause cancer and asbestos disease.

Read more about asbestos

We urge you to assess the risk based on available data and take the protective measures that make you comfortable.

To find out what specific levels of toxins exist in your home and office, consult a trained, licensed environmental professional.


Paper masks are NOT suitable for anyone exposed to WTC debris on a daily or long-term basis. They are designed to filter nuisance dust, not toxic materials.

At or Near Ground Zero
In order to protect yourself from the airborne acids and other volatile chemicals, at a minimum, wear a half-face respirator with an appropriate filter cartridge.

We recommend one of the 7600 Series Full Facepiece Air-purifying Respirators manufactured by North Safety Products fitted with a combination gas/vapor cartridge and a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter, such as North's 75SCP100 cartridge.

This combination will filter low molecular weight organic toxins, such as benzene, styrene, and formaldehyde plus all particulates down to 0.3 microns in diameter, which includes asbestos, lead, fungi, bacteria and many viruses.

Toxic Dust in Your Home, Office or Street
Areas away from ground zero do not contain the burning acids and volatile chemicals emitted by the fire. These gases are dissipated by the wind as they are blown away from the site.

But you will need protection from the toxins in the dust and ash that the wind has blown into your office, home or street.

We recommend one of North's half-face masks and a simpler filter. Either the 7700 Series Half Mask or the more inexpensive (and slightly less comfortable) 5500 Series Half Mask with North's P100 particulate filter will protect you from inhaling toxins absorbed into the dust.

If you have a mustache: You must wear a full face mask. Your mustache will prevent a half-face mask from creating a tight seal.

If you have a beard: You must wear a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR). PAPRs use a battery to force air, usually from a belt apparatus, through a filter and into the face mask. Because they are cooler, many people prefer a PAPR to a passive air face mask. Consider North's 9800-70C, or Willson's W6783/6HR.

Don't share your mask. As you wear your mask, the silicone or rubberized material shapes to fit your face. Therefore, it's not advisable to share your mask.

Tyvek Suits

Disposable suits made of military Tyvek 'F' material give high levels of protection against chemical agents and provides a total barrier against biological agents.

Wear a Tyvek suit over your clothes and shoes when cleaning up World Trade Center dust. It will protect you from exposure to hazardous chemicals. And it will prevent the dust from clinging to your clothes and shoes, so you won't track it back inside.

Tyvek suits are designed to be worn once and then thrown away and are inexpensive.

Where to Buy Masks, Filters and Tyvek Suits

Masks and filters manufactured by North Safety Products and Willson, as well as disposable Tyvek suits made by a variety of companies, are available locally from Aramsco, Grainger, and other companies.


North Safety Products
(401) 943-4400

Willson Safety Products


Aramsco, Inc.
(888) 767-4359

Grainger Industrial Supply
(212) 629-5660

Aramsco and Grainger have stores in and around the NYC area.