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317 Madison Avenue
New York, NY


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Payroll policies:
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After responding to an ASA NY Times classified ad, which listed graphics positions with a consulting firm, I did the usual faxing of resume, followed by appointment scheduling. I arrived on time, filled out the usual paperwork and was instructed to proceed down a long hallway and "go left" and wait for Alissa Reiken, an interviewer to greet me. As I waited another ASA employee asked what I was waiting for in a nice manner and suggested I follow her into the room to meet Alissa. When I did this I was greeted by a sneering, gum-chewing, bad-hair/tanned woman. This was Alissa. In her "I'm just a bitch who works here" tone of voice she told me like a lost child that I should go back into the other room and wait for her. She then ignored me and went back to her gum chewing. Since I already have a well-paying temp position with a competitor I don't have to put up with this, so I simply threw the application on her desk and told her I didn't have time for attitude and left. Who needs this kind of treatment? We are the ones who earn their paychecks. One of these days somebody's going to go into one of these agencies and blow all these fuckers away. I won't be surprised if my aforementioned friend turns out the be the one who inspires such an incident. Nuff said.



Fri Jul 24 04:31:07 GMT 1998

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