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245 Park Avenue
New York, NY

Total time with agency:

Wait for first assignment:

Average wait between assignments:

Last five jobs:
Job Title Length Client Hourly Wage Typical of agency?

Tests given:

Payroll policies:
On-site time sheet pickup: Y
Direct deposit of payroll checks: Y
Free check cashing at agency's bank:

Medical insurance: Y
Dental insurance:
Paid vacation:
Transportation allowance:
Entertainment allowance:
Matching contributions:

Throughout the '90s Robert Half International who once recruited me when they were a small struggling firm, kept me working on excellent long-term assignments. This was usually due to my relationship with most of the staff who were long time employees and aware of my skills and dependability. After accepting a permanent position that lasted some number of years and climbed the ladder of success the position was eliminated, I return to Robert Half International because they always treated me well, finding me great assignments.

Recently, (2005) they had moved from their small location to a jazzed up office and their employees were very nice. I rate them A+ for friendly attitude but D- for listening and reasoning skills. Candidates are screened over the phone to determine if you can provide the type of assignment they are seeking. Interviews are conducted by appointment only and typically last 45-90 minutes. Computer based testing is done of applicable to skill set (test are difficult and time consuming). If mutually agreed to after interview process you will be considered available. However, here is the real deal.
1. There is no job availability for temporary workers or permanent if you do not have precisely what they are looking for.
2. When you call for assignments, they have nothing but they are still looking. To this day they're still looking.
3. They call on rare occasions I mean rarely call.
4. Don't expect promises, they are never kept
5. Job listings are the same as those posted months ago that is why they have some many openings.

I realize times are hard and it's an employers market but with all the job openings listed by them and being a qualified applicant and still not being called then be wary of Robert Half they are excellent scam artists.
WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO THEM, THEY GOT TO BIG FOR THEIR OWN GOOD! Move on and find another agency much smaller. Big is not always better!



Mon Jul 18 14:39:07 EST 2005

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